Monday, June 9, 2014

Download all WWDC2014 samples

Nice little GEM script to download all WWDC2014 samples on GitHub

You need to be patient however when running the Gem install and when downloading.

  • Download and unzip in a directory 
  • Open Terminal
  • cd to the unzipped script directory
  • run the sudo gem install and wait wait wait ...
sudo gem install wwdcdownloader  --no-rdoc --no-ri

You should see a series of messages indicating the gem scripts are installed the something like this:
16 gem installed
  • Create a directory for the wwdcsamples
  • Run the script as indicated in the documentation
$ wwdcdownloader DevAppleID wwdcsamples

Voilà ...

Friday, October 25, 2013

Cocos2D - How to build and run the Samples on MacOsX and Xcode

Running Cocos2d samples in XCode4 is not simple. I see many people complaining that their scheme list is totally cluttered by the dozen projects in Cocos2d and that some are missing.

This is caused by the new XCode4 structure with these "schemes" and "Product". I don't like them! The previous Project and build target were more friendly.

If I load Cocos2d workspace I see three Projects

  • cocos2d-mac
  • cocos2d-ios
  • cocos2d-ios -PerformanceTests.

When you click in the Xcode4 scheme box you don't see any sample there, there is a bunch of MacOS targets ActionTest, ActionEaseTest etc, there are some IOS targets like FontLabel, but no IOS samples.

If you click on the cocos2d-ios project you can see the Project Summary, and verify that the sample targets are there. So how come the don't appear in the "Scheme/Targets" list? From what I can see it, seems the only one visible are the first one in the macos project.

Apple removed the "build target" and "run target" from the Product menu so we are stuck, or maybe not.

The solution is simple.

  • Go to the Schemes menu by typing Command - < for Edit Scheme
  • in the left column click on Run
  • In the info panel you can select debug or release
  • Just below in executable you can click on the box and now see all the samples.
  • Select the one you want to build
  • Return to the scheme button in top left of XCode4 and click
  • now you should see all the IOS samples and select Device, Simulator etc
Voilà. If you find this info useful please click on the Google +1 below or post questions.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

IOS 6.1 BETA 2

IOS6 Beta 2 is available

I hope Apple corrected the bugs in the Maps. Some of our clients are screaming, we are too.